4 Stocks That I Like As 2019 Gets Underway

Let’s talk about stocks. I have some trade ideas that I want to tell you about. These are specific companies that you can add to your watchlist so that you can make moves when you see fit. They are stocks that I have researched myself and have found to be great opportunities moving forward, in my honest opinion.

The first one is Newell Brands (NWL). The company has seen hard times lately, from late 2017 until now. I expect the company to rebound, but it is at the beginning stages. The conglomerate had been on the way up for quite some time, but Newell had some problems on the inside that really mixed with growth hurdles and changing industries. Right now, the consensus about the stock is ‘Hold,’ but i see that changing in the near future.

Turtle Beach is another company I see continuing to improve its bottom line. The company has seen significant sales growth in recent years. The forecasts for the future look great, too, and you have to factor in the growth of the eSports industry altogether. And then there is Fortnight and similar games to come. Turtle Beach is going to continue to be the leader when it comes to gaming headsets, in my opinion.

Dean Foods is another struggling company like Newell Brands. Right now, the company is selling for under $5 a share, and it really shouldn’t be, in my opinion. DF still pays a nice dividend. You do need to be cautious about investing in struggling companies. I liked this company at $9 when it was struggling, and now it’s down to $5. But it’s a dairy conglomerate that I do see recovering in the future.

AT&T is another company I like, and it’s my pick for the communications sector. The dividend aristocrat pays out a 5 percent yield, and its stock price has been hovering at around $30 for quite some time. Analysts will say that the company is stale and not much for growth, right now. Yet AT&T is one of the top 10 employers in the country, and its brand is huge. The company is one big move away from being the telecommunications giant that sets the stage for the future.

Those four companies are ones that I wanted to pass by you right now. What do you think? I have many others on my watchlist, and I love talking stocks. Maybe these picks or trade ideas will be fun for you to look at as you make portfolio changes.

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