a wonderful insight into a truly inspirational place

I have taught local, social and family history for a number of providers including the University of Nottingham, Derbyshire County Council and the WEA.  I obtained my Masters degree from the University of Nottingham and studied the Greasley Castle site as part of the East Midlands Earthworks Project run by Dr Sarah Speight from the University of Nottingham. I have written for Ancestors magazine, the official National Archives family history publication, a book for Derbyshire County Council following the BBC People's War project after I interviewed Amber Valley residents about their WWII experiences and along with a colleague Colin Pendleton, we updated and rewrote the history of St Mary's Church at Greasley. I am currently a news reporter for the Nottinghamshire Local History Association and the Nottingham Evening Post and have just finished writing The Derby Book of Days, available from Waterstones and Amazon.