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This is the NMRs recorded site of the deserted medieval village at Greasley

 Various types of pottery have been discovered during fieldwalking.  These range from iron age through to roman, anglo saxon and medieval, this area of Greasley appears to have been  inhabited through most periods of time. 

The Villagers View

This is looking up the ancient medieval trackway, the road possibly used by visitors to the castle and village of Greasley. To the left, near the gateway is the site of the original gatehouse which was depicted in a tapestry map of 1632.  The building in the far distance is a reconstructed end of the original medieval hall. In the Poll Taxes of 1377, 1379 & 1381 Pt 2 Lincs-Westmorland under the Broxtowe Wapentake of 1377 it shows the following entry;

 Greseley Castr' (Greasley Castle) Willelmus Ferrour Const' dicti Castr' taken at Greasley on St Georges Day

 Greasley Castle showed 16 indentures (receipts and acquittances), Nottingham Castle had only 11 and Newstead Abbey 10.  Tax due was 3 shillings and 4 pence from Newstead, 3 shillings and 8 pence from Nottingham and 5 shillings and 4 pence from Greasley Castle.  It is interesting to note that the tax payers come under the heading of Greasley Castle, which may indicate that this is where all of the Greasley Villagers lived in 1377, William de Cantilupe had recently died and the castle had been inherited by William La Zouch who did not live there. Newthorpe is under a separate entry with 59 taxpayers to the value of 19 shillings and 8 pence, Brinsley had 51 tax payers valued at 17 shillings, Eastwood 69 taxpayers at £1 3s 0d  and Hempshill was included with Bulwell at 54 tax payers at 18s. It is possible that at this time Greasley Castle had a larger operation than the castle at Nottingham. Around this time King Edward III was nearing the end of his reign, and died in June 1377 earlier under his authority in July 1373 Nicholas Dabrichecourt was paid £20 for riding to Devizes castle to take custody of the sons of Charles of Blois, duke of Brittany, and escort them to Nottingham Castle, where he had been recently appointed as constable; and he subsequently received large sums of money for the maintenance of these royal hostages. Then, in December 1376, he was paid £7 for conducting Sir Phillip de la VacheÜ, the Speaker of the Good Parliament of that year, from the royal manor of Havering atte Bower into imprisonment at Nottingham Castle. In October 1376 when the constableship of Nottingham was conferred on him for life, and in addition he was appointed chief forester of Sherwood. About the same time he was knighted.

All this came to an abrupt end with the death of Dabrichecourtís patron, Edward III. Richard II did not confirm Sir Nicholasís annuity, and its payment stopped immediately. Furthermore, Dabrichecourt, no longer a member of the Kingís household, was promptly replaced at Nottingham and in Sherwood (despite his patents for life tenure);

Original references to the village of Greasley
....the said Monastery and Park of Gryseley adjoining, and three hundred acres of land, ten messuages, twelve bovats, with the appurtances of Gryseley, which Richard le Carter, John Pygot, Robert Newbell, John le Carter, Thomas Dey, Roger Pygot, Hugh son of Agnes, John le Maisterman, Henry le Cartre, Richard Sareson, Roger Dey, Thomas de Fulwode, and Hugh de Pynkeston, his natives and villains held of him in the said Town in Villanage, together with the said Villains, their Chattels, sequel and Sects,
Four years later, in 1347, the 21st of Edward III., another Deed of gift was executed at Gryseley on the 20th of October, to which the names of the same former witnesses were appended.......give five messuages, one mill, and forty acres of land, with the appurtenances in Gresley and Watnowe,......and divers small rents in Greseley,........and a messuage and six acres of land on the north side of the Castle in Greseley, which William de Beaurepayr held for life, and another of five acres and one rood of land, which William de Worthington and Agnes his wife held for life, on the north side of the Castle also, &c., &c.
Taken from Truman and Marstons History of Ilkeston

Gresley castle 1612                                   Mr Trimmingham tenan


Ellis Batemans house ii li, and copie 10s                                           x s

Machin for Laund                                                                  4 li

Brett, Overwood                                                                   4 li ii s 8d

Ashor, Middlewood                                                                xi li

Foure or five at great kirstoe                                                xii li

Forma, for kirstan dale                                                          v li iii s 4 d

Hardwicke for dam(m)es                                                       iii li

Launslet & Bret for dam meadow                                          iiii li

John Siverne for broad closes                                               x li

Ratement in ye field, (which is better)                                    4 li

New close                                                                              4 li 13 s 4 d

Church closes                                                                        4 li 13 s 4 d

Good closes house                                                                v iii s

Mr Baker, ii nethe closes, house close, houses, by orched    xii li



Two lives} An Trimmingham

                   Ambrose Poole


Ties        v li

Rent        iii li